Phase IV Weekly Weigh-In: Week 75 – Just the facts..

Category Weights(lbs)
Starting Weight: 185.5
Target Weight: 160.0
End Of Week 72 Weight: 190.8
End Of Week 75 Weight: 197.4
Week Over Week Change: +6.6
Total Lost: +11.9
Average Per Week So Far: none
Weight Left: 37.4

Was on vacation for week 73, ate OK but still was up and travel bloats me badly.

Decided to give myself 2 weeks before the official vacation weigh-in and so skipped 74.  But it doesn’t seem to have helped.  Weekly numbers were better than today’s but a massive dinner last night makes this weigh-in especially bad.

Most of the upward trend from the last few months has been work/stress related.  I have not been getting enough sleep for a year, more so recently.  It shows.  The long hours + tiredness leads to bad decisions.  I have been letting them get my health too.  I have some family birthdays this week through next Sunday.  After that, time to back to the real basics that worked at the beginning…

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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