Email:  52weeks52pounds@gmail.com

Lose It!:  If you use Lose It!, feel free to friend me using the email above.

Quick Facts:

  • A 39 year old man looking to lose 52 pounds (done!) or more (definitely more!) in a year for my 40th birthday.
  • Currently down over 100 pounds and still time to go!
  • An IT professional.
  • Live in the Greater NYC area.
  • A wonderful wife and an energetic pre-schooler.
  • In treatment for Low T
  • In training for the 2012 NYC Marathon

The Phase IV Plan (In Progress):

The Phase III Plan (done 3/4/12):

The Phase II Plan (done 1/15/12):

The Phase I Plan (done 11/6/11):


Other blogs:

  1. what a great journey you are on! I recently turned 40 and it has been Fabulous as the year before I too committed to improving my weight, health and fitness. I now have my own health and fitness business and would love to share your story and journey. i do not see your email to connect? I look forward to hearing your progress and what works for you along the way! Putting it out there and being real is truly a way to help others through their struggles knowing they are not alone! thank you for your blog 🙂 best of wishes to you this year ~ Mary Jane

    • thanks for the encouragement. I’m a little bit of a privacy freak (err yea I know public blog/privacy??) is why there is no easily available contact info. I’ll message you off your site

  2. Hey, you’re blog is pretty cool too. Thanks for checking in on mine. I’ll be following your progress and pulling for you!

  3. Great blog…I love all the stats. I wish you great success with your goal, and may we both be successful at that.

  4. Hi there 52weeks52pounds,
    thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. It is really motivating to find some comments every now and then. From what I have read on your blog so far you seem to really have thought things through. I am sure you will accomplish what you have set your mind on. I’ll be checking by regularly, I am sure I can learn a couple of things from you. Thankls and keep it up. 😉

  5. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have continued success on your journey. You have a lot of great information on here. I’ll be back again.

  6. Hello,

    I am a semi-new edition to WordPress and I appreciate the comments and the fact that you have liked some of my posts. I have noticed you seem to know quite a bit about WordPress and I find myself lacking quite a bit of knowledge. I was hoping you might be ok with me asking you a few questions.



    • Sure, le me figure out how to get you my email without telling the world.

    • you should have an invite for a private blog I have setup.

      • I think I may have unchecked it as I didn’t understand why it was under my blogs. I didn’t want to be looking into something that you might want to keep private. I am a bit obsessed with my privacy. If you would like to resend it as a way to help me, I would appreciate it. Sorry about that!

        Thanks, btw, for the referrals to my site. Having people read keeps motivated and accountable for my actions!

    • re-added. nothing really private about it. Just a copy of this blog from early Aug that I was playing with.


      • Hey there, thanks for re-adding me. Sorry, I haven’t written back. I was in the middle of my heavy work week at the hospital and sometimes it is all I can do to make it through. 🙂 Any thoughts or things you would suggest me looking at first? I finally figured out that adding more categories means you get more views. I am still figuring out the like button. Almost wondering if I need to just watch the whole tutorial to get a really good idea of how to work it all. Thanks for any suggestions you can give me. 🙂

  7. The well fed cheetah

    Hi J, thank you so very much for leaving a comment on my new blog. Great help with those links as well. I’m going to get myself a copy of ‘WordPress for Dummies’ and will return the compliment by linking into your blog. Really enjoyed reading your postings and admired the stas ( both the look and your achievements!).
    Kind regards from London,
    The Well Fed Cheetah


  8. I’m also training the NYC in 2012. Best of luck! Those 50 lb will be gone before you know it.

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