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Around the Web – Jan 11

Drinking diet soda linked to depression (not separated from cause/effect tho).

Speaking of cause and effect – yep we’re not too swift.

MyFitnessPal voted best diet

Another reasonable idea on diet(ary) picking.

Or bet on it.

Yes, fructose is evil.

Learning to like healthy foods.

Need some inspiration?

Interesting idea on improving negative thoughts

Little bit of good news.


Holiday Musings

So Santa left me some of his jelly belly it seems!  The last week and a half has been a series of cookies and candies and drinks and missed gym sessions.  All in all tho, I’ve stayed inside the same 5 pound range since last October which is good, just wish that 5 pound range were about 10 pounds lighter.

That said, it’s mostly over.  Still some cookies and so on to eat, but things will start to normalize today and be back to normal next Wednesday or so (not a huge New Year’s basher so not too worried about that) as we get through the treats and so on.

Organizationally, using the time to clean up the blog a little and to start to prep for next year’s marathons.  The training calendars are up to date and it’s just a matter of waiting til Jan 15th to start the first run (don’t worry will be at the gym plenty before then).

Happy holidays and have a safe New Year!

Around the Web – Dec 21

Obesity bigger issue than hunger now.

Startups for obesity.

Interesting study on willpower.

Hmm not good for me – Impatience hurts your hurt.

Yep, exercise good for the brain.

Around the Web – Nov 23

A lot of food was eaten yesterday.  Indeed.  Saw the parade though and did some mulling.  We shall see.

Unemployment hard on the heart.

Battling addiction with exercise