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Around the Web – September 7

Wine is good for you, non-alcoholic wine even better.

Runners and Yoga.

More on belly fat being serious even for normal weight people.

Trouble getting off the computer?  This will force you off.

16 tips to help avoid over-eating at the buffet.

The secret to improving your running (well only for beginners).

Chemical link to heart disease.


Around the Web – August 24

Parenting affects diet.

Telling if it’s ripe.

5 Phone Health Apps (and I use two of them already).

Technology making us fat.

Around the Web – August 17

Video – Beat Overeating

Medical and dental pricing tool.

Interesting diabetic twist.

Around the Web – August 3

Way overdue – links from a few weeks..

How I Lost 100 Pounds

Another myth busted 😉

Why married men are ‘happier’

One sport not enough for teen weight.

Physical inactivity kills.

30 minutes at a time too – much – seems like 3×10 is good too.