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Little updates

So the 2013 is here, the goals are set (not 1 but 2 marathons) and training for them get going in just under two weeks.  So some small updates instead..

No sweetener coffee- probably near 18 months since i started this one.  I was reminded because a few weeks ago I ordered a coffee and it bad sugar in it.  I think we can mark this one done.  I drank it, but can’t say it was a magical drink I missed.  Was different, didn’t particularly enjoy it and happy to not have it again.

Tomatoes and mushrooms- can’t say the tomatoes have grown on me overall but we are at a truce.  If they are there i eat them but I don’t ask for them.  (Sun dried on the other hand are great.)   The real surprise has been mushrooms.  I’m not seeking them out actively either but I do eat them as well.  On occasion I have really enjoyed them.

Cardio- been enjoying my break from the treadmill and going back to the stairmaster even tho i know calorie burn is less efficient.  The sunday long runs (1 hour) have highlighted the lack of mid week running getting harder and harder.  Also highlights my need to target distance not time.  No motivation to go faster.

Cold- i am nearly wearing two sweatshirts at home!  One thing i continue to not like about the weight loss.  I also had to cut a few minutes off run sunday for same reason.  Will need to watch it. Last year was warmer and i was still doing more treadmill in January and February

Non-scale victory

Getting colder again around here and needed some new sweatpants for the gym since my old ones are from the beginning and don’t cinch tight enough for working out.

Got a pair of mediums.  Loose fit but probably didn’t need that.  🙂

Fake It..

.. till you make it.

Still generally bummed about how things wound up, nor do I have any real ideas about how I plan to proceed in the long term. I swore if I injured myself training for 2012 I’d defer to 2013, but lacking real info from NYRR plus my own current ambivalence I’m not committing to it or anything else yet. But I am going with the keep moving forward or die mentality and hopefully everything will sync up eventually.

So for now I’ve decided to go back to a mix of old and new routines. During the week, I aim to hit the gym 3 nights a week and am doing some indoor cardio, generally avoiding the treadmill, followed by some weights. On Sunday mornings I planning to do a ‘long’ run, of about an hour or so for a more cardio based work-out (and also I am addicted to the calorie burn of running these days if anything).

I’m also doing a bit more ‘running’ on off days. The dog needs some exercise and I’m trying her on C25K. We’ll see how far we get before she bites me ;). I don’t think she was particularly pleased with her first session on Saturday. We’ll see how tonight goes (I’m writing this Tuesday mid-day).  Unfortunately, the weather is getting cold now, but if the opportunity for something fun comes up, I’m also not going to worry about the marathon right now.

I also updated my targets and goals in the weight loss front.  I finally settled on a final phase end goal weight of 160 lbs.  I had gotten close to this number over the summer, and it felt like a good end point.  It puts me firmly inside the BMI range, even if I bounce up a little.  It felt achievable at the time (before the super-long distance running/eating and San Fran trip kicked in).  I also put the goal back to 1 pound a week (I had reduced it given the realities of long runs).

I started this on the Saturday after the cancellation.  It’s my plan for the rest of the year and to survive the holidays.  Honestly, I could probably use a routine shake-up anyway after all that running (173 hours worth, or yes, I spent entire 7 days of the last 52 weeks running).  I probably won’t make the weight goal by year end, but should be a lot closer.  I hope to have the answers for the long term by New Year and then can decide how to proceed.  And the new fitness regime should be able to pivot to whatever that winds up being.