Mutually Assured Subscription

Just a quick note to my subscribers.  If you are wondering why I have not subscribed to your blog, it’s not because I don’t find you interesting, it’s because I use Google Reader to read to all my news and blogs.  So I have subscribed to your blog via RSS (even if you do not have an RSS link I can do so by going  So if I have found your blog and commented on it a few times, I have almost certainly subscribed, it’s just that wordpress won’t show it.  If you happen to use google reader yourself, and subscribe to your own blog, you can also find out how many other people are subscribed via that tool.  (And there are other RSS readers out there too).

  1. The well fed cheetah

    Hi J , just a quick line to say that I’m a man of my word! 🙂
    I’ve finally started to become familiar with wordpress and have started a blog roll (wonders will never cease!).
    I’ve returned the compliment and added you to the roll.
    Kind regards from an unseasonally warm London.
    The well fed cheetah

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