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Things I’m Looking Forward Too

Spring is definitely here and summer is not too far off, and I can say I am looking forward to a number of things:

1 – Not Being So Hot.  Or at least I hope so since I was cold all winter.  I’ve got a lot less padding, so I hope it translates.

2 – Shorts.  The wife reminded me, I need to get some, since all my shorts are 16-18 inches ago.

3 – Beach Time.  While I can lose a few pounds still, I won’t be the biggest guy out there by far.  May even take the ol’ shirt off.

4 – Water Park Time.  Same as beach, we’ll be going to a water park for a few days for the little one.

5 – Rollerblading – assuming I can shake a few minutes out of the training, used to love rollerblading.  And they should fit again now!

6 – Yard Work.  Not really, but I am looking forward to not being so exhausted by it.

7 – Amusement Parks.  Little one might be big enough for a ride out to Rye Playland.  I will enjoy fitting in the rides.

8 – BBQ’ing (grilling to the southerners).  Well I look forward to that every year, so not weight loss related.  But I do a mean grilled vegetable as well as burgers.

9.  Hikes.  Just have to find some kid friendly ones.

10.  ? – I’m sure I’ll think of something!  Summertime is always full of opportunity!