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Where the Hell is J?

No Wednesday post, no Around the Web…I’m sure I’ve got some things starred for that post but..

Been a bit crazy since coming back from vacation (nothing bad, just B-U-S-Y!).  Sleep this week is totally, I’m totaling 20 hours sleep the 4 nights, and only because I got 8 on Monday night.  Add in that this is first week of new training and some things have had to give, like the blog.  Or commenting on your posts, or even reading your posts.

The good news is food and exercise wise, I’ve been well-behaved (well cept for the big yogurt with granola I treated myself to yesterday instead of small, plus yea more than normal amounts of coffee).

In any case, I expect to weigh in on Sunday and post about running this week on Monday, but next week promises to be busy as well, so word of warning.

So I leave you with another great video from Matt Harding