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Don’t let em get your health too..

On another blog, David writes that pretty much all overweight people are emotional eaters, which is probably true.

I know I eat too much in general for love of food, and it gets worse when things get crazy or depressing at work.  I also see it with my boss at work (who is not obese but could stand to lose a few pounds) when the pressure is on and people are unhappy.

One thing that has helped me is a new catch phrase my boss and I say when we see each other going for a poor choice at work – “[Our employer] already has your wealth and happiness tied up, don’t let them get your health too.”  Certainly been working for us anyway.

So if things are bothering you and you find yourself reaching for “comfort” food, try thinking “I’m not gonna let this take my health too!”

Separately,  I’ve decided to join the Post A Week 2011 Challenge.