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Foods I Do Not Like..

A little getting to know me kind of post.

Mushrooms – I know they don’t have much/any flavor.  But I still don’t like them.  It’s a texture thing.  These are not the veggies I am looking for.

Tomatoes – I pretty much love everything made out of them, but cannot stand them as is, either raw or cooked.  Taste, texture, the itty little bits.  Yuck.  The only time I involuntarily had one and liked it was when it was still mostly green and they had washed out the seeds/mush.

Steak – ooo, how can a man not like steak I hear you thinking.   Sacrilege!  I just .. don’t.  In many ways, I’m a lazy eater and I’d take a hamburger over a steak.  It’s almost pre-chewed!  It probably also goes back to growing up.  My choices were like my mother liked it (still saying moo when you poked it with the fork) or like my dad liked it (charcoal).  While I tend to well-done, I just have very rarely had a piece of steak I really like (a friend made an amazing teriyaki one once) and I have never managed to cook one myself to my liking.

Coffee flavored products – I like my coffee in a cup, hot, preferably with a little french vanilla or hazelnut flavoring.  Thank you.  Iced, ice-creamed, caked, chocolated.  Please remove such offenses from my sight.

Cheesecake debased by fruit – I love cheesecake (it loves me too, since it tends to stick around).  But why must mankind take something so perfect and ruin it with fruit or fruit like products (or coffee).


Oddly Edibles..

I was always a picky eater growing up (honestly, I am still a picky eater in many ways).  However, I have had the good fortune to get to do a fair amount of travel and have eaten a few things I never thought I would ever eat (and surprised my mother too).  Not the most exotic of exotic, but still pretty odd by my standards growing up Italian/Irish in NY.  Just added one last week while in Hong Kong.

Updated 7/25 on input from the other half.

  1. Jellyfish – Hong Kong – tasted ok, did not like the texture.  Based on what it looked like, probably the tentacles.
  2. Rabbit – London – not that unusual in the grand scheme of things but still, slathered in sauce, served like buffalo wings.
  3. Kangaroo – London – tasted like a peppery steak
  4. Crocodile (or was it Alligator?) – Australia – was so chopped into small bits and flavored hard to say what it was like.
  5. Moose – Norway – was ok, came with nice sauce
  6. Reindeer – Norway – also, ok, came with nice sauce.  had seconds (or was it the moose).
  7. Emu – Australia – apparently I ate some, don’t recall what it was like.