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Phase IV

So probably a few weeks to go on Phase III, but starting to contemplate the what’s next.  I won’t be done at 187, I still have no real final thoughts on a final weight goal.  But I am thinking we are starting to be in a nearby zip code.

I am also thinking, while these small sub-goals are productive, they might get a bit tedious if I set a sequence of 2-3 pound goals.  ‘Hey we’re just getting ready to start Phase XXIXV!’  So I think Phase IV will be the final loss phase, and it will be open-ended with no target weight or goal date, though I will still aim for 1lb a week.  Phase V will be maintenance phase.  I will also start recording BF% I think, not so much for this phase, but so I have something to measure against in maintenance as I will allow positive gains that are muscle. (I’m not entirely sure I trust the scale’s BF% tho, it’s a little hydration sensitive.)

That doesn’t mean I don’t have any clue.  From 187, I’m pretty sure losing another 5 is a good idea.  I’d say another 10 wouldn’t be improbably.  15 or more is where I start to think that’s probably the high end.  But I’ll keep an open mind on it.

So what do you all think about an undefined phase?



Around the Web – Jan 6

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A long winded post on why new year’s resolutions tend to not work – it covers a lot decision making topics and offers some suggestions if you can wade through it.  (It’s a philosophy/science blog).

Eating healthy obsession..

Phase III Goals

Phase II is still in progress, but we’re close enough to start laying out the parameters for the next phase.  Unfortunately for you, this is not a choose my adventure kind of project this time.  I’ve always known what the next target was going to be, and my experience with Phase II has pretty much decided the timeline goal.


187 pounds.  Phase II pretty much brings me back to roughly where I was when I met the wife.  I don’t remember if my all-time adult low from 20 years ago was 188 or 189.  187 will be a new low no matter what.  No, this is not my final target either.  There will be a Phase IV for sure (at least).


I’m going back to a pound a week target.  Before you judge..

Regardless of whether I achieve the Phase II timeline or not, I simply did not enjoy it as a phase.  I found the calorie target for the day ‘too low’ and it was stressing me on many days, whereas Phase I went by with barely any days like that.

Now there are lots of reasons to say I am too strict with the target:

1)  I prefer to have a 100-200 calorie buffer to allow for estimation error.  I found I could simply not do it with the lower target (250 calories difference).  Honestly, I wouldn’t have eaten a heck of a lot more, maybe 50-100 calories, but just knowing I was under and had a little buffer for errors was way more relaxing.

2)  I prefer not to eat my exercise calories.  First off, there’s lots of reasons to believe the machines give you high numbers.  Second, I have reason to believe I have a lower than normal metabolism so my daily intake targets are a little high anyway.  I found, again, I was dipping into them a little way more frequently than I liked.  When it was the combination of the lower target, plus lower calories from the early part of C25K, really made for some days where I was cursing the whole thing.

3)  I worry about hitting maintenance eventually.  Adding 500 calories a day is going to be interesting without going crazy, adding 750 would seem insane.

Obviously, doing a 1 pound a week target, but leaving a buffer and not eating exercise calories means I really am aiming higher without claiming to, but it fits my general professional motto anyway which is to ‘Underpromise, overdeliver’.

Anyway, time to get cracking on finishing off this Phase II first!

Sanity Check

As you may have noticed, I’m someone who likes to have a stretch goal (not a plan mind you, but a goal). It gets me pepped, and gets the creative juices going thinking about how to achieve it and helps keep me motivated. And I’ve been conteplating a new one since things have been going so well.
My original post talked about my 40th coming up next year, and how if I had a big party, I’d like not to be the center of physical gravity in the room. I’m sort of leaning against a big do now (in who nows, the mood may change again in the next 6 months). But I am contemplating something that seems fairly ambitious to me but that I would possibly need to decide shortly..

2012 NYC Marathon

I’m not currently a runner, and yeah, I’m still just over the obese line.  But I used to enjoy it 19 years ago when I weighed 188. I realize I’d be trying to essentially go from 0 to 26.2 miles in slightly less than a year (it’s in early November). Oh and let’s not forget, I’m crazy – just finishing isn’t enough, I gotta have a good time too. Preferably the best time.  (Oh and I’d want to be trying out the tarahumara running style [with shoes]).

The reason for the decision now is that for about the same money as a big party, I can get myself a guaranteed spot right now. Otherwise it’s go for the lottery or for a charity sponsor (which would probably cost me more since you have to raise a hefty chunk of money for the charity and cover the delta from the minimum). I’d hate to give up a party and not get in. Plus having paid for it would be a big motivator to train for it. (And on the other hand, if it looks real bad, I can defer my entry by one year).

Also compounding the craziness – I mentioned it to my best friend as a long shot and he came back with saying he always wanted to do it too.  So I’d have a training buddy to a limited degree.

So how crazy am I?