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Link Sharing – October 28

Don’t eat too much candy on Halloween!

A meh article on weight loss through different life stages.

Coffee fights skin cancer?  Maybe.

Soda and teens.

Do less reading, eat healthier 🙂

Jack Sh”t talking about his own falls off the wagon.

Link Sharing – October 21

Been busy last few weeks, so my reading and linking is down and it has been showing here. Nonetheless….

The genetics of happiness.

Ha – I wish I could join this gym – gets a little violent around 4 min mark.


Link Sharing – October 14

For food allergy people – research in the making.

The Lifehacker Normal Person Workout – It’s not the ultimate in workouts, but it is equipment-less and not completely lame either.  Be interested if anyone tries it.

Link Sharing – October 7

Salad’s on the menu, but burgers keep sellin‘..

Two nice charts from Journey To The Perfect Me – What leads to success..and Fighting Food Cravings

From regular commenter Corey.

I wonder if this explains why I can’t remember what I had for breakfast after I eat it..

There is no finish line..