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Around the Web – Jan 11

Drinking diet soda linked to depression (not separated from cause/effect tho).

Speaking of cause and effect – yep we’re not too swift.

MyFitnessPal voted best diet

Another reasonable idea on diet(ary) picking.

Or bet on it.

Yes, fructose is evil.

Learning to like healthy foods.

Need some inspiration?

Interesting idea on improving negative thoughts

Little bit of good news.


Around the Web – Feb 10

Via Erica, the magic pill for weight loss.

Another visual guide to portions.

Alternatives to Soda.

Conversion chart for fluids.

Right-sizing your sides experiment – interesting.

Some progress on trans-fats at least.

Via Towards Healthy LifeThe Dangers of Sitting.

Around the Web – Jan 27

Riding on the Paula Dean news, if you skip that you can get 5 healthy recipe ideas.

Rick Warren and the Daniel Program.

From 577 pounds.

Sort of interesting commentary from Mr. Money Mustache.

For the IT people out there – Write an Android BMI Calculator.

Around the Web – Dec 9

Night shifts and diabetes.

Shonnie hits the 100 pound mark.

Explanation of alcohol’s effect on liver/digestion.