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Karma Collection

I’ve decided to start tracking the number of people I help at the gym on the two machines I see them misuse the most – the calf extension and the torso rotation.  Yesterday, I watched a woman put her face into the pads because she didn’t know to lower them and I stopped her before she got going.

The danger of this kind of tracking is it becomes an ego boost rather than a good deed.  And indeed, I am tending to think ‘@$$@ can these people not see the %$#$@ picture on the machine right next to their face!?!?’, but I talk to them nicely enough on the outside and am friendly about it.   I think it’s good for me to build up a little good deed balance tho.  So we’ll see how it goes.  My count is on the side under my weight stats.  We’ll see if any other good ideas for tracking come up.


Quick note to my subscribers…

I’m subscribed to you too!  Even though wordpress doesn’t know it.  See my Mutally Assured Subscription topic.

Diet Improvements

As mentioned, biggest diet (edit) dietary issue right now is breakfast at work.  Really poor options.

Earlier I read this post suggesting to swap the bagel/cream cheese for English Muffin and butter for half the intake roughly.  I might even be able to go whole grain on the muffin, which is something else I am starting to try to improve on.  Inspired, I realized I could even make a subtler change and swap the 20 oz coffee for 16 oz without really noticing.  That would eliminate a 20 oz cup per week.   Still not an ideal breakfast, but looking forward to it tomorrow.  Thanks Danyale!

Felt so good about the prospect when I was at the gym tonight, I even helped two obviously new members do the calf extension correctly and pointed out to the staff that one of the seated leg presses was mildly broken with the fine weight control stuck.