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Around the Web – April 6

Could it be!  Beer is good for you (well as always this ‘moderation’ thing..)

Fitocracy opens up to everyone.  I’m on there, we’ll see if it’s any use..And then there’s Slim Kicker for alternative.

America’s fattest cities..

“Don’t let a lapse be a relapse.”  Not new here, but worth repeating.

FCFU finishes her 100 mile challenge.  T2T finishes her challenge too.

A ding against BMI…from the opposite direction.

How brain food works.

Sorta funny.


Around the Web – Mar 30

‘Healthy’ alcohol choices.


Interesting study on gastric surgery and diabetes – scary but interesting.

Not just unhealthy, but unhappy.




Around the Web – Mar 16

Tips for eating meat healthier..

Soda/fruit drinks and heart attacks..

A little extra incentive to workout..

Help high-fat meals with spices..

Homemade burritos..