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Around the Web – July 6

Caffeine is better in small regular doses..

Some mental health.

Dehydration symptoms.

From another post – articles about GPS accuracy – NYT, NYT Rebuttal, Unrelated Info.

Some new research on why diet soda and hcfs may be bad for you.

Around the Web – Jan 13

Andie has had some good links before, but I think she has a good run of her own here.  I’d write something supportive in response, but ditto seems more of a twitter kind of thing!

Mental decline begins … huh what are we talking about?

Willpower and how to avoid needing it…from Andie with a link to a good article.

Man, nobody wants a fatty


Link Sharing – October 21

Been busy last few weeks, so my reading and linking is down and it has been showing here. Nonetheless….

The genetics of happiness.

Ha – I wish I could join this gym – gets a little violent around 4 min mark.