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Oddly Edibles..

I was always a picky eater growing up (honestly, I am still a picky eater in many ways).  However, I have had the good fortune to get to do a fair amount of travel and have eaten a few things I never thought I would ever eat (and surprised my mother too).  Not the most exotic of exotic, but still pretty odd by my standards growing up Italian/Irish in NY.  Just added one last week while in Hong Kong.

Updated 7/25 on input from the other half.

  1. Jellyfish – Hong Kong – tasted ok, did not like the texture.  Based on what it looked like, probably the tentacles.
  2. Rabbit – London – not that unusual in the grand scheme of things but still, slathered in sauce, served like buffalo wings.
  3. Kangaroo – London – tasted like a peppery steak
  4. Crocodile (or was it Alligator?) – Australia – was so chopped into small bits and flavored hard to say what it was like.
  5. Moose – Norway – was ok, came with nice sauce
  6. Reindeer – Norway – also, ok, came with nice sauce.  had seconds (or was it the moose).
  7. Emu – Australia – apparently I ate some, don’t recall what it was like.