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Number 15

Again, the gym that keeps on entertaining in so many ways.

15.  Last night it was chilly outside, around 35-38F.  While walking from the car to the entrance, watched someone change either into or out of their gym outfit while sitting in their car.  Based on the wiggling and moving around, it definitely included a lower body change.  Oh, and they had their interior light on the entire time too.

The gym has a changing room.  It’s heated.  It’s free.


A Little Bit …

… eww.

So as I got off the arc trainer last night, I noticed that the very front of the trainer had some puddles under the feet.  Click on them for the zoom.

I said, no way.  But sure enough, ALL the other arc trainers were dry.

Yep.  That’s the sweat that didn’t latch onto my shirt and made an amazing journey to escape to the bottom of the arc trainer to later evaporate.

Here’s another arc trainer (someone got on mine).

So those puddles are what dripped down where the heart rate handles are, down, dripped onto the next level without falling off, then rolled all the way down the next arc without getting sidetracked by the other attachments all the way to the front.

Number 14

More from my gym/comedy club.  Have seen this twice now, cracks me up:

14 – The people who work there – Part II.  Now I’m no prude, I don’t mind a bit of flirting between staff and members (obviously I am not doing any flirting or being flirted with).  It comes with the territory of young people.  But I have to laugh, when I’ve seen one woman who works there come up to one of the guys while he is working out.  She came up from behind, completely out of his field of vision.  I only saw her because a few of us were waiting on the machine.  She actually tapped him on the shoulder right in the middle of a rep, clearly surprising him both times.  Safety first?  Wait for him to finish?  Clearly not.  I’m actually impressed the guy didn’t injure himself or drop it.

More about my amusing gym..

I posted up 12 things that amuse me about Planet Fitness a little while ago.  Other night I was reminded of another one:

13 – People missing the point of going to the gym – I go to one in the back of of a strip mall.  PF is roughly dead center of the parking which wraps around and beyond two sides of it.  No parking spot is more than 60 seconds from the entrance at a casual pace.  The parking lot also has a one way system that sort of drags you around from the two entrances.  The lanes are sort of barely two way, really 1 1/2 cars wide.  The number of times the entire system is gummed up by people insisting on waiting for that perfect spot right outside the door is ridiculous.  Even on days with great weather.  Why are you going to the gym again?  And you can’t walk for 60 seconds either way?  I mean I will take a spot if it happens to come up on my way around the one way but I don’t wait or go slow for one.

As a side note, renewed my membership, all amusement aside.  For $99 for a year, in NY, it’s a steal.  And it comes with a free t-shirt (excellent for projects where shirt will get slopped on).