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Around the Web – July 13

What not to eat at fast food places (generally disgusting, not about health)

Yep, sitting is killing you.

Fight aging.

Quick Updates

I mentioned that I had been experimenting with eliminating sweet-n-splenda from my coffee. It’s been 5 or so months and I still haven’t had any. I have to admit, it’s starting to taste normal now. I haven’t had the courage to try it with some sweetener yet though. Will give it a few more months I think.

Those pants I bought back in November? Falling off me. Look almost as bad as the pants they replaced. I’m wearing some 36″ waists now for some jeans I bought at a great discount (on the down side, I’m wearing 29″ length – what the hell old age!). Thankfully the shirts are still good (I doubt I’d ever go down to a medium size shirt).

I also bought some suits during a good sale on President’s Day weekend. I have to say, I was looking pretty sharp. I find myself looking in the full-size mirror in the men’s room occasionally.  The suits were all in the 33-34″ range (tho that was for jacket, they all needed a touch of a let out on the waste – but it was amazing that I could even squeeze them on!) I bought some new shirts too – 16″ neck, down from 17 1/2″ – and the sales guy was suggesting 15 1/2″, but I prefer slightly looser.

I find myself sitting at work all the time now with my legs crossed like the picture to the right (nope not me!).  I find it bizarre since I never would have sat like that before.  I actually find it distracting as I am thinking about it quite often.

This winter seems to have been one extended cold/cough for me – I can’t wait to have a run where I don’t spend the first 5-15 minutes de-phlegming.

The Abs
No, no six pack.  Still a ‘one’-pack, but it’s a clearly defined area where the six-pack would be.

Went to an expo over the weekend. Thankfully it was smallish and was actually hard to get at the booths. The kid managed to attract most of freebies since she was up on my shoulders. I had about half a small chocolate covered pretzel and a 1/2 cup of chocolate gelato.


Around the Web – Feb 10

Via Erica, the magic pill for weight loss.

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Conversion chart for fluids.

Right-sizing your sides experiment – interesting.

Some progress on trans-fats at least.

Via Towards Healthy LifeThe Dangers of Sitting.