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I can resist everything

.. except temptation.

For those of you who think  I am a relentless machine, I do mess up on occasion.  Like last night.  As per recent posts, work has been very busy, and has involved a lot of Friday night releases (I work in IT) that start around dinner and run til quite late (1AM usually).  It’s a long day, since I tend to be a worker kind of guy who starts at my usual time of 7:30AM regardless.  The good news is I work from home on those days, so at least there’s no transit involved too.

Last night and next, the wife and kid have plans, and so I was on my own for dinner.  I decided to get pizza delivered.  I figured with them out, I could get an order of stuff I don’t get to have very often since the wife is vegetarian and the kid is typical picky kid.  I figured I would use the leftovers for another night/lunches.  It arrived just as things got going, and I rushed upstairs with my initial allocation.  I was still a bit hungry so I grabbed one more slice and went back to work.

That’s when I should have wrapped up the leftovers.  Because then they sat there.  And every time I got a few minutes to grab a drink or go to the bathroom or check on the dog, I passed by.  And yep, grabbed a slice.  By 1AM, the work was done and so was the pizza.

It wasn’t a one-shot binge, but spread over 6 hours, so I didn’t feel too bad, just like the boiled frog.  But I definitely felt the consequences on the scale this morning.  I know it will pass over the next few days, as a lot of it is saltiness from toppings as well.  Sadly, tonight will be a bit over too, as tonight is a bit of planned night out with a good friend.  But we’ll be alright again by next Thursday or so.

But let it be a lesson – don’t leave temptation lying out in front of you.

Certainly, I know what’s happening next week. Either I’m not ordering pizza again, or it’s getting wrapped up as soon as I take my two slices out.



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