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Little updates

So the 2013 is here, the goals are set (not 1 but 2 marathons) and training for them get going in just under two weeks.  So some small updates instead..

No sweetener coffee- probably near 18 months since i started this one.  I was reminded because a few weeks ago I ordered a coffee and it bad sugar in it.  I think we can mark this one done.  I drank it, but can’t say it was a magical drink I missed.  Was different, didn’t particularly enjoy it and happy to not have it again.

Tomatoes and mushrooms- can’t say the tomatoes have grown on me overall but we are at a truce.  If they are there i eat them but I don’t ask for them.  (Sun dried on the other hand are great.)   The real surprise has been mushrooms.  I’m not seeking them out actively either but I do eat them as well.  On occasion I have really enjoyed them.

Cardio- been enjoying my break from the treadmill and going back to the stairmaster even tho i know calorie burn is less efficient.  The sunday long runs (1 hour) have highlighted the lack of mid week running getting harder and harder.  Also highlights my need to target distance not time.  No motivation to go faster.

Cold- i am nearly wearing two sweatshirts at home!  One thing i continue to not like about the weight loss.  I also had to cut a few minutes off run sunday for same reason.  Will need to watch it. Last year was warmer and i was still doing more treadmill in January and February


You say Toe-MAH-Toe, I say Yuck?

Similar to my removal of sweetener from my coffee (6 months and going, though I have still not dared to see what I think of it with sweet-n-low yet), I have recently been embarking on another tastebud altering experiment. This one is additive rather than subtractive. I am trying to learn to like tomatoes.

I have mentioned before my dislike of raw and cooked tomatoes or tomato pieces. I like everything made from them (sauce, ketchup, etc), just not in their natural or near natural state. However, in recent months, I have accidentally consumed a few for lunch in my sandwiches and found that they were not completely repulsive.

So I have been cautiously attempting to see if I can train myself to enjoy them. To date, I have stopped completely avoiding them or special ordering their removal at chain restaurants or chain eateries – Duane Reade Turkey Sandwiches, Cosi Bombay Chicken Salad, Olive Garden Shrimp and Tomato meal who’s name I forget, Pret-A-Manger soups, etc. So far the process hasn’t been bad. I have found the tomatoes in those products to be edible.

Admittedly, they are also rather bland mass processed tomatoes as well. Hardly packing a lot of punch and mostly cleaned of tomato inner ooze. My experiments at home, mostly consistenting of grape tomatoes in salads, have been less satisfactory. They don’t kill me, but I can’t say I enjoyed them either.

We shall see how it proceeds!