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Programming Notes For Sunday

I’ll be using the LI Half Marathon as a little bit of a technical trial for the full marathon in November. I’m hoping to provide some live updates from the race. Won’t be mile for mile, but I’d expect to post something roughly around the 3’s mileage wise which is where I’ve typically taken short water breaks on my training runs (I can’t run and drink so I stop and walk for 90 seconds usually).

That said, it won’t be here on the blog. The phone app is nice but still cumbersome for a quick update from the road. Given the way Facebook and Twitter interact differently for pages vs personal accounts (and I’ll probably be putting something out on both), chances are the updates will most likely be Twitter only. There’s a chance I might do from Facebook page, but only a small one.

So if you have any interest in getting updates, click the Twitter icon on the menu bar under the running man. The race starts at 8AM EST, and I have reason to expect to complete in sub-2hours. Otherwise, look for an awe-inspiring update on Monday 😉

OK OK .. Social Media Time

Yeah, when I saw a few people going whole hog on the social media tool set, I got a little voice in my head saying, “hey, aren’t you the IT monkey, why are these people using more tools than you.” And since the hurricane was over, so I futzed.

There’s a facebook page, there’s a twitter feed, heck there’s an email address (  And I finally finished (for today) futzing with the layout (I hope).