So I noticed that with recent whittle downs of inactive blogs, my subscription list is not as active as it was.  So here’s your chance to recommend some blogs (you can recommend your own, but I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t notice it already if you subscribe to mine).  Just check it’s not already on the list to the left.

About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. Sad…I’m on probation. 😦 I deserve it, I suppose.

  2. Three I follow but don’t see on your list after an admittedly quick glance:

    Laina at Keeping Off 200 Pounds
    Cherie at Cherie Runs This!
    Karen at Waisting Time

  3. I stumbled upon Bess Be Fit recently
    She does some crazy challenges like 1 mile of walking lunges!

  4. You follow a lot of blogs that I’ve never read; I’m always looking for new ones too. Recently I also did some reader whittling. But I do struggle to unsubscribe to anyone. And sometimes a blogger suddenly reappears!

    • I basically weed out methodically, but am very forgiving. At the end of the month, I basically I run through the blogs. If the links are dead, they go right away. If they haven’t posted anything that month, I move them to probation. if they start posting again, great, back onto the list they go. If they go a second month w/o posting, I remove them. That said I keep a subscription in google reader so if they do pop back (and it has happened) I put them back on the list pretty much right away. I probably only weed out google reader every 9 – 12 months.

      • oh, and if there recent post indicates some problems going on, I usually cut them some additional time on the probation list.

  5. I found this today and have started reading through some older posts, and am really liking his blog.
    It is honest, it is interesting, it is worth a look.

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