Blogroll Rules of the Road

I’ve occasionally had a comment from someone about the my blog roll and their position on it.  I’ve answered in comments, but seemed like a good time for post.

I have three areas – Recently Added, Blogroll and On Probation.

Recently Added

As a general rule, I’m pretty open about the blogs I read, with the exception of fad/extreme diets.  If I start following a new blog, there it goes into the Recently Added section.  Pretty straight-forward.

Monthly Review

Typically at the end of the month (usually last Sunday), I review the blogroll.  Everything that is in Recently Added gets moved to Blogroll.  Time on the Recently Added list therefore is variable.  Could be as long as a month, could be as little as a day.

Getting Removed Entirely

Very little content wise will cause me to remove you unless it becomes clear you are advocating something extreme.  Otherwise, the only cause for immediate removal is the link no longer works and you didn’t post a blog name change post (or I missed it).

Moving from Blogroll to On Probation

I check each blog.  Have you posted a few times this month?  (Whatever your normal posting frequency is.)  If you have, you stay.

Not posted anything this month (and I’m a little strict, it really has to be slightly more current than the first day of the month).  If yes, you stay.

If not, have you posted anything about things going on in life? If yes, I’ll give you a pass for now (might last for a month, maybe two, sometimes longer depending on what’s going on).

Otherwise, you’ve gone silent and I move you to On Probation.

Is it possible to go from Recently Added to On Probation?  Yep.  It’s happened.

Moving from On Probation back to Blogroll

Next I review the On Probations.  Have you started posting again with some frequency?  Great!  Back to Blogroll you go, all is forgiven.

Have you put a post or two up, but still not very frequently?  Or did you comment about life issues?  I’ll let you stay On Probation for another month.

Moving from On Probation to Removed

Have you gone for a 2nd month without posting?  At this point, I will probably remove you.

Moving from Removed Back to Blogroll Or On Probation

Just because I’ve removed you from the lists does not mean I unsubscribed to your blog in my RSS reader.  If you come back after 6 months (it’s happened), there’s a good chance I’ll notice and re-add you to On Probation or Blogroll.


About J.

40 year old IT guy on a health and fitness kick.

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  1. What if I’d rather be on a jelly roll?

    • The more jelly rolls you eat, the fewer to tempt me. Have at them! Just as long as you don’t start promoting an all-jelly-roll-diet on your blog. Then I’d have to remove you.

  2. I can’t wait to check out some of the blogs on your blogroll. Any vegans out there?

    • I believe Kate at This is not a diet, it’s my life is vegetarian. Not sure if vegan. My wife is also vegetarian, but not vegan.

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